Guest Expert:  Lane Kennedy

In the third and final episode of An Inside Job, Lane leads us in:

– how we can engage in play

– unplugging from your tech world

– getting back what brings you joy

For Lane the past twenty two years have been rife with practical experience, while mastering and acquiring knowledge that is required to live in today’s overstressed tech’d world.

Lane has lived through creating a million dollar business, failed with photography, walked runways and slowly rehabilitate herself with food and mediation. She's been fortunate enough to spend hundreds of hours learning about hacking human potential.

She was one of the first women to go through Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Hormone Cure practitioner course, learning the Gottfried protocol while gaining a deeper understanding of the female’s delicate hormonal cascade, and the many imbalances that occur at any given time.

She was also one of the first women to complete and become a Certified Bulletproof Coach.

What all her experience boils down to is this — she helps people, become better at them.


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Lane Kennedy - MindShift Meditations Podcast - .h



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